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Latest Watford reviews & Special Offers

1 Day Ago


Special Offer

Valid until: 22/11/2014

8 Days Ago

Shurgard Self Storage - Harrow - 020 3018 2175

Special Offer

Valid until: 30/09/2014

22 Days Ago

CreoGlass Design Ltd

Special Offer

Valid until: 31/12/2014

33 Days Ago

Lampco Plumbing Supplies

Special Offer

Valid until: 30/09/2014

36 Days Ago

Astonlee Veterinary Hospital - Canine Cruciate Ligament

Special Offer

Valid until: 31/12/2014

42 Days Ago

Removals Watford

My company had outgrown our little office, so it was time to move on to bigger premises. For this I would have to employ a reputable company who has a good insurance against losses and damage to goods in transit. I soon found Removals Watford who offered just what I needed. I was surprised at their competitive rates for office removal jobs. On the day they just took control and handled everything from packaging to lifting the heavy items. They worked quietly and they were fully aware of what I expected from them and I was not disappointed in any way.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

67 Days Ago

Watford Cleaners

I’m the kind of person that keeps saying they’ll get round to cleaning the house, but never does. If you know what I mean. The truth is, I just can’t be bothered. I have three kids to take care of, and a part time job to do. Cleaning just isn’t part of my schedule, but I am aware it needs to be done. Fortunately, I found Watford Cleaners and they offered domestic cleaning at a more than affordable price to me that was definitely within my budget. This was a major benefit to me because like any person I didn’t want to pay out a fortune. Recommended.

Review Score: 4 Star Rating

78 Days Ago

James Couzens Notary Public

We needed some documents authenticated for the Brazilian consulate in London. James was able to work with the required documents and these were accepted without any issues.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

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